Easy is Bad

At GRBC, we’re not just about honing basketball skills. We’re about equipping players with knowledge and resources that extend beyond the court – empowering them to become their best possible selves.

Last week, we were honored to have Dr. D-Nice speak to players and parents about caring for their bodies. Today, we want to know… did you incorporate these tips into your week? Parents, have you been motivating your player(s) to do better? Remember…

  • An athlete’s body is only as good as the fuel. Eat as close to the tree as possible. Meaning, eat an apple instead of apple sauce or a slice of apple pie.
  • Make sleep a priority – 9 hours is a must
  • On game day, the body needs water – drink water vs Gatorade
  • Relax – step away from workouts to allow your body to recover

To learn more or to schedule a personal assessment for your player, visit Dr. D-Nice at wisdomteethinger.com.

Dr. D-Nice Beaugelin