We are glad you’re here. You play such an important role in the development of our youth. Together, we’re helping our players reach their goals on and off the court.


All head coaches within GRBC must attend all coaches meetings or have a representative from their team in attendance. The representative can be an assistant coach or a parent that is involved with your team. There are no excuses for not having someone in attendance. Failure to have representation of your team at a coaches’ meeting will result in the following disciplinary actions.

  • First Offense – You will not receive practice time at the GRBC gym for one (1) month. You will be placed in the penalty box on the organization’s website.
  • Second Offense – You will not receive practice time at the GRBC gym for two (2) months. You will be placed in the penalty box on the organization’s website. You will be assessed a $100 team fine.
  • Third Offense – You will not receive practice time at the GRBC gym for three (3) months. You will be placed in the penalty box on the organization’s website. You will be assessed a $200 team fine.

Failure to abide by any of the above offense penalties can result in your dismissal as a coach and member of GRBC.



It is the responsibility of each coach in our program to discourage all displays of poor sportsmanship by players, adult volunteers and spectators. Below are examples of poor sportsmanship that Garner Road Basketball will not tolerate:

  • Failing to perform at school (i.e. poor attendance, neglecting homework, behavioral issues, etc.)
  • Drugs of any kind
  • Derogatory remarks of any nature by or about a player, coach and/or referee
  • Booing or “riding” any player, coach and/or referee
  • Inappropriate displays of anger by players and/or coaches (Example: throwing or kicking the basketball in anger)

Winning the game is always secondary to good sportsmanship!


Understand that you can be suspended at any time for any reason. We don’t like to suspend our coaches but may find it necessary when it is in the best interest of our community. Suspensions can range from one hour to a lifetime depending on circumstances.



  • Official roasters are due one week after selection of team. All teams must use the roster form given by GRBC personnel.
  • All medical waivers, registration forms and a copy of your players’ first semester report card must be on file.
  • Any player/coach that touches or assaults an official will forfeit all remaining games and/or be terminated from Garner Road Basketball Club
  • Help facilitate good fellowship and cooperation among members of the organization



Players, coaches and bench personal must present themselves in accordance with GRBC/AAU dress code.

  • No doo-rags are to be worn in public.
  • No uniform or everyday clothes will be worn sagging.
  • No GRBC uniforms will be worn outside of GRBC activities.
  • No defacing of GRBC issued sneakers/uniforms or Club apparel.
  • All coaches are responsible for issue/collection of Club uniforms.  Uniforms are property of GRBC.  Lost uniforms are the responsibility of the Head Coach. Cost to replace uniforms – $90/each.
  • All damaged uniforms will be reported and turned in to GRBC administrative personnel.
  • All teams must wear GRBC issued game sneakers (Adidas only).
  • No earrings are to be worn to/during practice and games. No band-aids. Earrings must be removed before practice and games.



As a coach, you represent Garner Road Basketball Club. This organization requires all coaches to follow established principles and code of ethics as defined below to the fullest extent. All coaches are required to abide by these rules in order to continue coaching with our organization. Any complaints, problems and/or issues that may arise will be reviewed by GRBC officers and handled appropriately.

Remember, you have a very important role to play in the development of young athletes. This role goes far beyond teaching game skills. Your leadership, philosophy and actions will leave impressions far more indelible and much farther reaching than you may have ever imagined. Developing character, sportsmanship and respect depends greatly upon your approach and the example you set.



  • INTEGRITY – All coaches must act with integrity in performing all duties owed to athletes, the sport, other members of the coaching profession and the public.
  • COMPETENCE – All coaches must strive to be well prepared and trained in order for all duties in the respective discipline to be fulfilled with competence.
  • ATHLETE’S INTEREST – All coaches must act in the best interest of our athletes’ development as a whole person.
  • RESPECT FOR OFFICIALS – All coaches must accept the role of officials in providing judgment to ensure that competitions are conducted fairly and according to established rules.
  • RESPONSIBILITY TO OTHER COACHES – All coaches must show courtesy, good faith and respect towards other coaches.
  • PERSONAL CONDUCT – All coaches must maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and support the principles of fair play.

Character – Build It
Organization – Always Have It
Attitude – Built Positively
Communication – Clear & Consistent
Honesty – At All Times