The explicit purpose of the Garner Road Basketball Program is to promote, develop and teach the game of life through the game of basketball and to promote adult volunteers and player participants the principles of GOOD CHARACTER, SPIRITUALITY, PHYSICAL HEALTH, TEAMWORK, SPORTSMANSHIP, and DISCIPLINE AND FAIR PLAY.

The purpose will be accompanied by providing the maximum opportunity feasible to participate in the sport of basketball, on an organized basis, under the leadership and guidance of the Garner Road Basketball Club.

It is the responsibility of each Coach and parents in the program to discourage displays of poor sportsmanship by players, the adult volunteers and spectators. Examples of poor sportsmanship that Garner Road Basketball will not tolerate are:

  1. Derogatory remarks of any nature by or about any player, a coach or referee.
  2. Booing or “riding” any player, coach, or referee.
  3. Displays of anger by a player or coach, such as throwing or kicking the ball in anger.
  4. Drugs of any kind.
  5. Not getting school work done.



All Coaches shall adhere to the orders of the club:

  1. Official Roasters are due one week after selection of team.
  2. Any player/coach that touches or assaults an official will forfeit all remaining games and/or be terminated from Garner Road Basketball Club.
  3. To create a greater amount of good fellowship and cooperation among members of the organization and the activities served.
  4. You can be suspended at any time for any reason.

We don’t like to suspend people, but sometimes it is necessary for the better of the community. Suspensions can last anywhere from 1 hour to 1 lifetime depending on the circumstances.