9th – 11th Grade Team Rosters

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The Garner Road Basketball Club seeks to promote, develop and teach youth the game of life through the game of basketball. We will work to instill principles of hard work, good character, teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline.


At Garner Road Basketball Club (GRBC) we support the commitment and passion of our players by providing maximum opportunity to participate in the sport of basketball. Our staff and volunteers invest their time and talent into each player to help them become their best possible selves. We are about empowering young men and women to reach their personal goals on and off the court. Our strategy involves an array of techniques, community resources and adult mentors to connect with and engage each player.

Our commitment has inspired many to achieve greatness in the game, career and personal lives. We are proud of our current players and esteemed alumni. They are an example of what it means to “trust the process”.